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Concert-Quality Piano Tuning

John, a musician and pianist, has been tuning pianos in the home, schools, churches and concert venues since 1983.  Using no electronics and beginning with only a tuning fork pitched at concert standard A=440 Hz., he tunes by ear to his own musical sense and satisfaction.   A piano should be tuned whenever it is out of tune – on average, about 3 or 4 times per year when it is in a controlled climate.

Climate Control Sales and Installation

Controlling humidity change is the single biggest factor in keeping a piano well-tuned and in good repair.  John is a factory-certified field expert in the installations of Piano Life Savers, the Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate Control Systems, having installed more than 100 units in the Greater Binghamton area.  Learn more!

Player Systems Installation & Repair

Our associate is one of the the best technicians in his field.  Recommended to us by a major US piano maker, he is a master systems installer for Pianomation.  He is also fluent in older player technologies, and familiar with most other contemporary player systems. Pianomation can be retrofitted to most pianos.  Learn more…


A piano restoration is a complete rebuilding of the piano, often with a new soundboard.  The piano is completely disassembled, then reassembled with mostly new high-quality replacement parts. 

Our restoration associate is a master rebuilder, specializing in Steinways and Mason & Hamlins.   His work has been described as “museum-quality”.   His restorations come in on time and on budget.  He usually has a few high-end restored grands in the shop, so you can see and hear for yourself the detail and caliber of work that goes into every restoration.

Our cabinet refinishing associate specializes in old-school, hand-rubbed lacquer finishes.  No detail is forgotten, from case felt replacement to hardware metal replating or polishing – from nameboard decals to buttons and knobs. 

Repairs and Regulation

A piano is a precision machine, with action part tolerances as tight as 1 mm.  Like any machine, a piano will need occasional repairs and adjustments.  Many piano tuners only tune the piano.  That is why it is important to hire a qualified tuner-technician, who will not only tune the piano, but also keep it in good repair and well adjusted.

The repairs simply keep all the parts up and running.  Many issues are repaired with existing parts.  Sometimes, it is necessary to install a new part.

Adjustments, also know as “action regulation”, help the pianist realize the full dynamic range of the piano by adjusting the “touch” or “feel” to the piano’s optimum point, allowing for wear and tear.  The pianist then has more control over musical expression.

Piano Moving

Piano moving is a specialty.  Not all moving companies are equipped or trained in the proper handling of pianos.  We take special care of pianos, handling them carefully and making sure they are moved properly and safely.

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